Standard Of Excellence

Our Standard of Excellence begins with a commitment to quality.

“A promise of performance, traditional craftsmanship and the integrity of value bred into everything that bears the Hotline label. When it comes to creating items of distinction, there’s no room for compromise. At Hotline, we believe that adherence to these values is a true reflection of our commitment to the industry, the consumer and you.

We maintain these values and standards and insist that all of our suppliers, contractors and business associates maintain the same standards in their business practices”.

Tom Austin – President Hotline Apparel Systems Inc.


Ethical standards

We will not do engage with any vendor who discriminates based on race, gender or religion. We will not engage with any vendor who violates the legal and moral rights of employees in any way.

Legal requirements

We expect our vendors to be law-abiding citizens and to comply with any and all legal requirements relevant to the conduct of their businesses.

Environmental commitment

Our vendors must share a commitment to the environment. There are many ways in which we can work to nurture a better environment at our facilities and the communities in which we operate.

Health and safety requirements

We will only do business with vendors who provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment.

Vendors should make a responsible contribution to the health care needs of their employees.

Wage and benefits

We will not do business with any vendor who fails to consistently treat employees fairly by providing reasonable

wages and benefits that match or exceed the prevailing local industry standard or the government minimum, whichever is greater.

Employment practices

While permitting flexibility in scheduling, we will only do business with vendors who do not exceed prevailing local work hours and who appropriately compensate overtime. No employee should normally be scheduled to work more than sixty hours per week. We will not do business with any vendor who denies their employees appropriate access to education, health care, religious observance or family obligations.

Child labor

We will never do business with any company that makes use of child labor. Employees of our vendors must be over the applicable legal age requirement or be at least 14 years old, whichever is greater. Vendors must observe all child labor laws, particularly those to hours of work, wages, minimum education and working conditions. We encourage vendors to support night classes and work-study programs, especially for younger workers.


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