Industry trusted & one of North America’s top suppliers for decorated garments and sports wear.

Hotline Apparel uses many techniques and technologies to print on garments, and are well-known trusted partners to some of today’s most dynamic and sought after brands.

Sublimation – Most durable clothing printing option
Sublimation can be custom made to your sports teams and uniform needs, they are made start to finish on site at Classic Apparel. Ideal for sports uniforms as they are durable, breathable, quick drying and machine washable.

Screen Printing – Custom t-shirt designs and more
Screen Printing is a very popular way to print logos, team names and player numbers onto clothing. Classic Apparel can screen print a variety of merchandise and specialise in t-shirt screen printing on a range of fabrics.

Vinyl Cutting – Ideal for small or one off printing
The Vinyl Cutting technique is often used to print numbers, words or logos onto existing clothing in a single colour. It’s perfect for one-off jobs or small quantities.

Digital Transfers – Durable high quality transfers that last
Digital Transfers are a printed image similar to a sticker,and are great for multi-colour or photographic images. They are heat pressed onto clothing or fabric, and can be used with other types of printing. Digital Transfers are a cost-effective method to have your logo or brand applied to clothing.

Embroidery – Classic branding technique using thread stitching
Embroidery is a classic branding technique using thread stitching, with embroidery you can incorporate many colours into a design, this suitable for all types of work uniform printing including; polos, dress shirts, jackets or some types of knitwear.

Graphic Design- Onsite designers
Our talented Graphic Designers will take your sketch or logo and bring your ideas to life. So if you’re not sure where to begin with your logo or design, talk to us about how we can help you..


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