Marketing and Print: Dye Sublimation Printing Services

It’s Still All About Print!

There isn’t a business on the planet that would survive without a sound marketing plan in place, not even one single business. If you fail to notice this fact, you are simply going to go out of business very quickly indeed, left lamenting the failures you made, simply by not keeping up with the Jones and their friends.

How can you identify a sound marketing plan?

It really depends on the type of company you are, and the goods or services you sell, but one area which never fails to drive custom towards a particular business is the printed form.

Think about it – how many flyers, posters, billboards, magazines, and catalogues do you see every day? The sheer amount of this kind of marketing means that it works, that’s why you see so much!

Of course, finding the best sublimation printing company for your needs is vitally important, because you don’t want to be spending a large portion of your marketing budget on poor dye sublimation printing services! You want and need quality, and that’s where shopping around will benefit you greatly.

That’s a big word to throw into the mix, sublimation, but to give you a quick explanation, this is basically a professional form of printing graphics onto various materials, using heat, which therefore means higher quality. Sublimation printing can be used on anything, from point of sale, to billboards, custom varsity jackets with team logos, to sorority apparel, this is a very wide ranging deal.

Of course, graphics printing is also about giving identity to certain groups, such as schools or workplace uniforms. Printing a logo or a team emblem onto under armour team uniforms for example, this is a very popular request, and this is also a way to market a team, by making the emblem visible.

Put simply, if you can create interest through printed media, you are much more likely to attract attention and hopefully sales at the end of it. Catalogues and flyers need to be bright, colourful, and informative, but they also need to fit in with the vibe of the company – it’s no good having a child-like font if you are an upmarket restaurant, and equally, it’s no good having bright neon colour schemes if you are advertising life insurance. It pays to think very carefully about the content, as well as the design, but this is also something that printing companies offering great dye sublimation services, such as Hotline Apparel, can help you with too.

Shop around to find the best deal for you, but don’t scrimp on cost. Custom graphics printing doesn’t break the bank when compared to some other parts of your every day business costs, but it is something that money should be spent on in the right ways. You can send as many emails out to prospective customers as you like, but there’s no denying that flyers and printed material still plays the biggest part in attracting new business, as well as keeping existing customers on your books too.


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