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Using The Best Printing Processes

While there is an extensive list of printing processes highly dependent on the material used and design colour palette, there are a few industry standards which are the most used.

First and foremost, screen printing is a great option for minimally coloured designs. This involves the creation of a unique colour screen, which will be used specifically for your design.

This is where Hotline Apparel shines.

Dye Sublimation is a highly chosen method for customized durable sports and uniform printing through the use of a dyed media transfer. Colours can be matched to business colours or unique ideas, plus price is not dictated by colours so the design possibilities are nearly endless.

Finally, custom embroidery is another option to transfer a digital file onto a clothing item using threaded stitching. This is likely on par in cost to DTG, though often only requires the use of small logo designs and therefore is typically less expensive.

Each of these processes is usually material specific, and should be considered at the suggestion of a qualified uniform store employee.

Custom Printing Branded Apparel

Custom printing advertising and marketing material is widely held as an effective method to make a big impact on target audiences, and promote your organization or platform.

The results of a well-designed, custom printed moniker on branded apparel can pay dividends across a variety of marketing channels. However, what is largely under appreciated is the effect a well-designed uniform can have on those who wear it.

From an outsider perspective, it makes a group of individuals look more established and put together.

A team or academic institution with proper uniforms will always outshine one without. But, a uniform can also have implicit internal effects on the wearer, resulting in better performance and higher quality results.

In situations where the best is expected, and where the priority is to create an atmosphere of success, visiting a uniform store may be the best solution.

Why Wear A Uniform?

RUSSELL FAUX FULL BOTTOM JERSEYThe concept of a uniform is largely accepted as a set standard of clothing, worn by members of an organization, as they perform a certain activity.

Generally, when thinking of a uniform the first images that come to mind are governmental agencies: Police, Emergency Services, or the Armed Forces. The main reasons these groups wear uniforms are for visibility and solidarity. In situations where there are crowds of people, uniforms make these individuals easily distinguishable, and therefore easier to access.

This is especially important for police or Emergency Service agents; whose responsibility it is to take a leadership role in such situations.

Additionally, military uniforms help unify the armed forces, allowed them to present a unified front in threatening situations. For these groups, wearing a uniform is a kind of honourable distinction; it is something that they have earned. In many ways, the reasons to wear a school uniform—even as minimal as a school t shirt—can provide the same positive benefits.

For many organizations, there are certain industry and regulatory demands which predicate the use of a uniform. This is most apparent in the previous example, where military and paramilitary organizations require their members to maintain certain aesthetic standards.

However, a similar situation occurs in factory or construction sites, where workers are required to wear specific attire.

This can be for a variety of reasons: to protect against harmful conditions, or to increase visibility. For many schools, custom school apparel is required as a mandate, to ensure that all students can be easily accounted for.

This is essentially important in field trip situations, where it is necessary for administrators to keep track of all students in an unfamiliar setting. At the same time, certain educational standards indicate that a school uniform should be required, in order to elevate the school’s status on a federal or provincial level.

Sports organizations follow similar guidelines as the aforementioned examples, utilizing uniforms as a method to unify the team and distinguish athletes from other students.

Just as the military and paramilitary organizations use their uniforms as a mechanism to stand strong against opposition, so too does well-crafted custom printed sports apparel.

Whether it is high school sports apparel, or even for higher levels of athletic play, a uniform is essential for any sports team looking to be taken seriously. You would never see, for example, a D1 football team arrive on a field without custom college football jerseys.

Team Spirit

Ladies Football JerseyWhile it is certainly important to outfit your athletes with appropriately designed athletic uniforms, additional promotional material is essential to maintaining a strong brand and garnering the support of students.

This can have a two-fold effect on your students. First, it will allow your students to rally behind their team, therefore inspiring the team to succeed. Second, it will give students a sense of camaraderie which is so important in an academic atmosphere.

High school spirit wear may be a relatively simple solution to some deep-seeded issues, such as the increasing numbers of high school dropout rates.

This can also be said for college, where team spirit is as much of the curriculum as an entry level civics class.

Ultimately, the choice to cultivate a strong sense of kinship within your university community begins with giving your students common ground. Visiting a uniform store to purchase a high-quality custom printed apparel may be the best first step.

What Is Promotional Apparel?

Establishing a brand identity for a sports team or organization requires the creation of custom designed promotional material.

While this may seem far removed from educational institutions which are less involved in the athletic sphere, promotional apparel still plays an important role for other non-athletic organizations.

Generally speaking, promotional apparel, or promotional clothing, is any article which may be designed to promote or display a symbolic representation of a group or organization. In other words, it is a piece of clothing which will feature a logo, brand, or phrase associated with that group.

Examples of Promotional Apparel:

  • Brand Oriented Polo Shirts
  • Custom College Football Jerseys
  • Custom Printed School T Shirts
  • Custom Varsity Jackets
  • Under Armour Team Uniforms
  • High School Spirit Wear
  • Custom Embroidered Hats

Who Uses Promotional Apparel?

Custom printed promotional material is often a benchmark element of any marketing campaign.

Typically, this takes the form of printed content, either in banner or stationary form, which can be dispersed regularly to potential clients. However, it can also take the form of unique objects or items, that will help increase brand identity through their essential utility.

That is to say, the more a potential customer uses the custom printed promotional material, the more likely other are to see it. This is often times the best kind of advertising, as it is relevant in a personal way, and will likely leave a significant impact. But promotional apparel is not limited to the realm of business or for-profit organizations, it is also extremely effective for academic and sports institutions.

One effective example would be after-school clubs or activities in an academic setting. Custom printed school t shirts can go a long way to turn a back-room chess club into an established organization, set on taking the state championship.

Likewise, custom printed high school sportswear can help bolster underfunded sports teams into a competitive contender on the regional stage. This is especially important for groups which may not be readily accepted by the school, and receive little to no funding, or are simply not culturally as embraced as other organizations.

With the current state of after-school organizations dwindling, in the wake of budget cuts and reduced spending, any simple effort to bolster attendance or appropriation should be embraced. Uniform companies provide an easy, effective solution for creating a sense of camaraderie and solidarity necessary for success.

How To Pick A Uniform

RUSSELL COLOR BLOCK JERSEYThere are no hard and fast rules for designed a uniform, but there are certain features to consider before placing your order.

First and foremost, it is important to determine what the goal of the custom apparel is going to be.

In the case of college or high school sportswear, the uniforms will be specific to the sport and team which is using them. In other words, a custom college football jersey will be significantly different than a water polo uniform.

This obvious example aside, other things to consider will be the variations in design, logo placement, and the material used. In situations where a HOME and AWAY jersey are required, multiple designs must be in place to accommodate the different settings.

Finally, it is important that the logo placement is consistent with the aims of the promotional apparel. Athletic wear will prioritize comfort and movability over the location of the sports logo, while high school spirit wear or school t shirts will likely do the inverse.

When designing custom printed apparel, a number of editing soft wares can be used to adjust for colour or determine the correct placement of images. Photoshop is the typical go to as it can accommodate a wide variety of files, and output based on specified file size or resolution.

It is important to consider the material being used and the printing process, as this will affect the type of image which can be used. Furthermore, the colours chosen will affect which printing process will be the most effective, and have significant effects on overall cost.

Once the final design has been created, after accommodating for all buffer areas in the printing process, the image can be sent to a uniform shop to create a finished product. Often times, a composite or draft of the final product will be created before the complete order is printed, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Picking A Uniform Store

When deciding where to print your custom promotional clothing the best choice requires ample research. By looking into the various printing processes offered by each uniform shop, and then comparing price, quality and service with others, including online alternatives, you’ll find Hotline Apparel is your number one choice.

Sometimes, considering an online order from a remote organization may be a more cost effective alternative, depending on the specific requirements of the promotional clothing. However, purchasing locally will also minimize costs associated with shipping and handling logistics.

Additionally, choosing a local uniform shop will allow for the review of various composite prints, or samples, to make sure you are happy with your product. Another important thing to consider is that choosing a local uniform store will cut down on overall production time, because you can avoid the sometimes lengthy shipping period.

The best uniform store will have designers on hand to help you with your custom printed promotional clothing. If you are designing your own school uniform or sports apparel you are likely not a trained graphic designer.

Even if you are, the process of adapting a computer image to print involves a particular skill-set which may be outside of your scope.

Custom embroidery, for example, is a particularly complex process even for a small logo design. For this reason, is important to find a uniform shop which can work with you on your design. This will mean image review, drafting, and an open line of communication between the artist and printer.

The difference between a well-designed printed item to one which appears amateurish is often times not the quality of the print, but the design procedure itself.

Look to Hotline Apparel for all your design and fulfillment needs.


Promotional material has changed shape as new printing processes have taken root, leading to more cost effective solutions, and better quality products. The overall benefits of producing custom printed promotional clothing and custom uniforms is multifarious, and can be seen in academic and athletic settings.

Any school looking to increase its standards, and provide an effective means to identify and motivate their students, should look to custom uniform design.

Additionally, any athletic organization looking to increase student involvement and enthusiasm should visit a uniform shop. Whether you are looking to produce school t shirts, sports apparel, or any other promotional clothing items, there is a uniform shop looking to help you with your project.

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